Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day

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Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day

Demo day for our upstairs bathroom! 

Earlier this week I shared our painted bathroom vanity [here] and today I’m going to balance all of that pretty out with some NOT so pretty. Our home has two bathrooms, and one of them is a serious wreck right now. Just keeping it real – not everything is pretty here!

You may or may not remember that we have been planning the redesign of our upstairs bathroom. If you need a reminder of what it looked like, you can see the before [here], and if you want to see the design plan for this space, go [here]. When we moved into our home, I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Henry and we worked fast and furiously to finish the first floor of our home (it needed some major cosmetic updates! You can see how it looked 1.5 weeks after move in here). We left the upstairs of our home completely untouched.

And in the true fashion of my husband and I, here we are less than two months from baby #2, and we’re working like crazy to get the second floor finished. Apparently babies are what motivate us! LOL

The second floor of our home is made up of Henry + Baby’s bedroom [here], our master bedroom [here and here], a small linen closet, and this bathroom. We haven’t actually moved upstairs yet, we’ve been waiting until the bathroom is finished.

So this past weekend, Brandon went to work on tearing out the bathroom. Demo day! One of the great things about being pregnant during big projects like this is that I don’t have to help! ;) ;)

Please pardon our mess…

Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day

It’s probably hard to tell what everything is because it just looks like a giant mess right now, so let me try and explain. In the picture above, you can see the very end of our bed, and the doorway that USED TO lead into the bedroom’s closet.

We decided to expand the size of the bathroom by utilizing the existing closet.  The plan is to build a brand new closet into the attic, but we haven’t started that yet. For now, getting the bathroom finished is priority!

So, that doorway will be closed off eventually, and the door to enter to the bathroom will still be in the hallway.
Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day

Also, that black pole in the middle of the room is the sewer line and will (somehow) be moved.

I actually wasn’t home when Brandon worked on the demo. He was texting me photos, and I told him that I was glad I wasn’t there. Just looking at the pictures gives me a little bit of anxiety.

BUT the mess of demolition is necessary before we can turn it into a pretty bathroom!
Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day Upstairs Bathroom: Demo Day

I’ll update you more later, but wanted to quickly show you what the space looks like at this current moment.

It’s a little scary, I will admit. But honestly anything is better than the green shag carpeting (and smell) of the “before.” SO – I’m not that stressed about the leftovers of demo day! LOL

Let me know if you are interested in seeing the finishes I’ve picked for the space! I seriously cannot wait to start prettying it up.


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    Bobbie knopken
    August 30, 2017 at 12:19 am

    I would solve the floor the same way you did, a rug!

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