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Living Room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blog

When we first moved into our home, our front room was kind of a “dropping zone” for all of the stuff we didn’t quite have a spot for yet. Our couch and TV were set up temporarily in what is now the dining room, and despite many people telling me that it should be our permanent living room, I knew that I wanted that space to be where our dining and hearth room was [photos here]. It just made sense…to me. ;)

I am so glad I listened to my gut instinct for our home’s layout, because I love it! Our TV is in the front room of the house (our living room) and I love that when we have company over for dinner or are even just hanging out as a family, we are typically in the kitchen around the island or sitting in the hearth room – without the distraction of a TV!

OK just for fun I have to show you what I mean when I say this room was a “dropping zone.” Here’s a photo from my 1.5 weeks post move-in blog post. This gives me nightmares just thinking about it looking like this. Moving is the worst.

Our Living Room: 1.5 Weeks Post Move-In

I dislike that our big TV is kind of the “focal point” of our living room. Now, obviously, this girl needs her Netflix and a glass of wine when the baby goes to sleep so getting rid of the TV is just crazy talk. However…since Brandon has started his man cave (you can see progress photos [here], but I’ll share more on that later!) I’ve been thinking about moving our big TV down there and getting something smaller for the living room.

So, needless to say, I’ve been thinking about rearranging (and re-decorating) our living room for several weeks. I mentioned on Instagram that we are getting rid of our big, huge, amazing sectional. I’m so sad about it because we love it so much and it’s super comfortable, but it just doesn’t fit in our living room (we bought it when we lived in Las Vegas).

Anyway, after reading around on the internet and getting inspiration from other people(Go and have a look here) I have lots of plans for the living room and am so excited to share those plans with you and to finally redecorate the room. I wanted to show you the “before” (or current) photos – please don’t judge us! I scored a FREE couch on Craigslist and so we have been living for a couple weeks with the sectional and the couch. It’s a little ridiculous but makes me laugh because our living room isn’t very big, and it looks so cluttered right now.

Bear with me!

Living room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blogLiving room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blog Living room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blog Living room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blog Living room before photos via Life on Shady Lane blog

Again, please don’t judge us. I’m just hoping that by putting this out into the universe, it’ll make me more motivated to change this room up! I have fun plans for the space and know it’ll look great…so stay tuned!

EDIT: You can see our updated living room [HERE]

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