A Year in Review

- Behind the Scenes, Etc.

A little over one year ago, Brandon and I packed up everything we owned and moved across the country to Las Vegas. It was a big adventure, and the year was better than we could have ever asked for. We’re moving back home to Missouri in just three short days, so I decided that this was a great time to do a “year in review” in photos – they’re so fun to look back on and remind me of all of the good times we have had.

Warning: this post has a LOT of pictures. Like, a lot. Also, I tried my best to put them in order but some are a little jumbled. Whoops.

IMG_0094 IMG_0104 photo4photo29photo20photo12photo10 photo15 1 - 8.22.145 - 8.22.14 IMG_0216 IMG_0253 IMG_0284 IMG_0315

Our living room about a week after moving to VegasIMG_0338 IMG_0340

Wedding invitations!photo-1 IMG_0445 IMG_0611 IMG_0840

Roadtrip to Mt. CharlestonIMG_0916 IMG_0932

IMG_3118 IMG_3100 IMG_3095 IMG_2888 IMG_2865 IMG_2864 IMG_2568 IMG_0974 IMG_1035 IMG_1015 IMG_1029 IMG_1166

Bachelorette partyIMG_0903IMG_1165

The morning after our Bachelor and Bachelorette partiesIMG_1182 IMG_0873

We saw hot air balloons from our apartment every morning in VegasIMG_1667IMG_1682IMG_2011IMG_2069

Our rehearsal dinnerIMG_1634 IMG_1596 IMG_1671 IMG_1699 IMG_1705 IMG_1800

Our new couch!IMG_2020 IMG_2067

The day we got our marriage licenseIMG_2109 IMG_2100 IMG_2794 IMG_2823 IMG_2791

IMG_2556 IMG_3912 IMG_2678 IMG_3349 IMG_2257

Honeymoon in MendocinoIMG_2204

IMG_2145IMG_2138IMG_2229 IMG_2275

Sourdough for daaaays in San Francisco


Thanksgiving in San DiegoIMG_2438

IMG_2404 IMG_2413 IMG_2446 IMG_2551


Decorating for Christmas in VegasIMG_2574


The succulent garden I was so proud of. It is now completely dead. 


Company Christmas partyIMG_2597 IMG_2609 IMG_2613 IMG_2622

IMG_2671 IMG_2728 IMG_2741 IMG_2800 IMG_2859 IMG_2921

These pretty string lights lasted about 2 weeks until our apartment manager made us take them down. Fun-sucker. IMG_3124



Valentine’s Day – I was pregnant in this picture and didn’t even know it yet!IMG_2945 IMG_2948 IMG_3080 IMG_3233


I’m 36 weeks pregnant as I’m writing this, and can’t believe how tiny I was back then!IMG_3245IMG_3397

Flowers from BrandonIMG_3298

Flowers from my parents
IMG_3222 IMG_3228 IMG_3326 IMG_3360

Our “official” social media announcementIMG_3386 IMG_3454

Celebrating Brandon’s birthday in Zion National Park

IMG_3484 IMG_3512

Wedding in KCIMG_3549

Baby’s first time in the pool! 
IMG_3642 IMG_3719IMG_3818


4th of July in VegasIMG_4255

U-Haul with everything packed up to head back to the Midwest!


Driving to Reno IMG_4135 IMG_3844This is where we lived in Reno – the most bare apartment ever, because we rented a furnished place and brought almost nothing with us. 
IMG_3846Our Reno kitchen on move-in day

IMG_3855Just passing through Vegas…

IMG_3856A boy and his dog, reunited.
IMG_3870My 27th birthday

IMG_3862 IMG_3864

IMG_3950 IMG_3984The most beautiful view on a morning walk in Reno.
IMG_4052Lunch in Lake Tahoe
IMG_4197The sweetest note from our home’s previous owners

IMG_4232An exciting day!

IMG_4372 IMG_4819Labor and delivery class


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    October 1, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    So you moved across the country, got married, got pregnant, and are moving back across the country in one year??! That’s amazing! Looks like a great year!


    • Reply
      October 7, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      Thanks Marisa! It’s been QUITE the busy year! :)

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