Upstairs Bathroom: Countertops and a Copper Sink

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Modern farmhouse bathroom, copper bathroom sink and granite countertops

An update on our upstairs bathroom – we now have a copper sink and granite countertops!

A few weeks ago, we got to do something I have always wanted to do: walk through a countertop warehouse and choose our own granite slab. I found a piece of quartz that I LOVED, but had to keep in mind the aesthetics of the rest of the bathroom. I’ll put the quartz in my future kitchen. ;)

You can see my last update on the bathroom [here].

We ended up choosing a piece of granite that I love just as much…maybe even more so because I think the fact that it’s 100% natural is amazing. Nature is incredible, isn’t it?

We had our countertop installer put in the copper sink, as well, and I’m in love with it. (Read more about our sink here).

OH and I completely forgot – I finally chose a color for the vanity! We painted it the same color as the walls, and I am happy with how it turned out. I considered a more “fun” color like green or navy, but I wanted the copper tub to the be the center of attention in here and didn’t want a vanity to distract from it. I talked about the paint color [here] – it’s the perfect shade of white, not too cold feeling…it sort of has a SLIGHT grayish tint when it dries.

We’re not finished with the bathroom yet, but I wanted to share an update!

Modern farmhouse bathroom remodel: copper sink and granite countertops

I mean…can you even believe how pretty this sink is?! I’m so glad we went with the granite instead of the white/gray quartz countertops. The granite is some brown in it, and I love how it complements the copper. Modern farmhouse bathroom remodel: copper sink and granite countertops

Modern farmhouse bathroom remodel: copper sink and granite countertops

See the light on the left? It already needs to be replaced because the glass was broken. Oops!

We still need to put the vanity’s hardware in and finish the shiplap on one wall – you can see that in the picture below.

We haven’t installed the ceiling yet, either, because we’re waiting on the tub faucet and shower head. Once those go in, we can put the ceiling up and then the corner trim pieces (so there’s no gap in the corners).
Modern farmhouse bathroom remodel: copper sink and granite countertops

I found the perfect mirror, but it’s not in stock anywhere. So I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll do – wait until its back in stock or find something different altogether. We’ll see!Modern farmhouse bathroom remodel: copper sink and granite countertops One of my next projects is to tackle the little space to the left of the vanity. I think I want to put some sort of shelving in there, but haven’t quite figured it out just yet. A hamper for towels would be great too. Any thoughts?!

Anyway, there’s my quick update! I hope you’re having a great day – it’s almost 70 degrees here today so we have the windows open and I am LOVING it! Anyone else so excited for Spring?!

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    Jane Murrell
    February 28, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    I love the sink and the countertop goes perfect with it!

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