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Affordable (and Pretty!) Bathroom Faucets

- Projects + Inspiration
Affordable and Pretty Bathroom Faucets via Life on Shady Lane blog

You know how sometimes you go into a store with something specific in mind and realize there’s only one option that is somewhat similar to what you pictured in your head? That’s been my experience when looking for bathroom faucets so far, although I have a few different ideas of what I like. I just know I want something different. And the stores I’ve been in either had nothing different, or there was like one faucet that I kind of, sort of…

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See ya, Popcorn Ceilings

- Home

I mentioned before that we had big plans for our new home – it needs a lot of updating, and that’s exactly what we wanted: something we could make our own. I come up with new ideas daily and it can be overwhelming trying to decide where, exactly, to begin. But this one was a no-brainer: a couple of the rooms on the main floor had the dreaded popcorn ceiling, and we wanted that to come down ASAP. Brandon’s brother so…

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