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Affordable (and Pretty!) Bathroom Faucets

- Projects + Inspiration
Affordable and Pretty Bathroom Faucets via Life on Shady Lane blog

You know how sometimes you go into a store with something specific in mind and realize there’s only one¬†option that is somewhat similar to what you pictured in your head? That’s been my experience when looking for bathroom faucets so far, although I have a few different ideas of what I like. I just know I want something different. And the stores I’ve been in either had nothing¬†different, or there was like one faucet that I kind of, sort of…

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Our Upstairs Bathroom: Before

- Home
Our Upstairs Bathroom: Before via Life on Shady Lane blog

Ok guys, are you ready to see the scariest thing I’ve ever shown on my blog? Brace yourselves. Introducing: our upstairs bathroom. I showed you our two upstairs bedrooms [here] and [here], but before then I had never shown ANY of the upstairs of our home. The entire year and a half we’ve lived here, we have lived solely on the main floor. We still have some work to do on the main floor, but we have decided to finally…

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