Spring and Summer Home Decor from Amazon

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Spring and Summer Home Decor from Amazon - perfect for a home decor refresh!

A roundup of Spring and Summer home decor from Amazon

Is anyone else as obsessed with Amazon as I am? (Just kidding, I know you all are!) You can find just about anything you could ever need or want, and most of it is able to be delivered in a super-short amount of time.

I love perusing the home decor section, especially because I basically have zero time to shop for it in store these days with two small kids. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to shop (and I often drag the babies along – it’s training for them to be my shopping buddies, right?! ;) )…but if I have to make any real decisions when shopping in a store (other than crunchy or smooth peanut butter, almond milk or coconut milk…you get the drift), then I almost always make the wrong decision. Because I have to shop rather quickly, or risk a public meltdown. I know you mamas can relate!

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite spring home decor from Amazon here on the blog, in case anyone else is in the same boat I am! Happy Spring decorating!

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Spring and Summer Home Decor from Amazon - perfect for a home decor refresh!

Spring and Summer Home Decor from Amazon

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  1. Faux fiddle leaf fig – I am obsessed with indoor plants but am too afraid to buy a real fiddle leaf fig because I hear they can be a little on the temperamental side. This one is fake, so you know what that means. It won’t ever die!! ;)
  2. Seagrass basket – This would look so cute with a plant in it! You could also store throws in it next to your couch or by your patio door for chilly nights outside (see #3).
  3. Striped throw – Blankets are one of my favorite things, and yes – they are totally necessary even in the Spring and Summer. This striped one is perfect for chilly nights on the patio, picnics, and the beach.
  4. Woodwick Candle – I love candles all year round, and woodwicks are some of my favorite. This one is linen scented, so it would add a perfect fresh scent to your home.
  5. Colorful framed canvas art – If you want something a little more colorful, this would definitely brighten up a room! So pretty.
  6. Wood bowl – I’m envisioning this on an entryway table/buffet table with some lemons in it. But it could be used a ton of different ways, and it’s pretty inexpensive!
  7. Ceramic Planter – This planter would look perfect just about anywhere in your home with a pretty little plant in it – and what better way to bring Spring/Summer indoors than a plant?
  8. Blue and white rug – I am a rug junkie, and love to switch things up depending on the season. This blue and white rug (with tassels!) is SO pretty and feels perfect and fresh for Spring.
  9. Set of 4 Pillow Covers – I’m a sucker for pillows, and I love when I can find pretty pillow COVERS – that way I can switch them out easily, and store the ones I’m not using in a closet (without taking up tons of space). These are perfect and really inexpensive.
  10. Today is a Good Day art – This just feels cheerful, doesn’t it?
  11. Why Hello print – I love how simple/minimalist this is, and it’s just a print so it’s customizable (with a frame you like, washi tape, etc.

Have fun shopping! ;)

PS you can check out some simple Spring decorating I did here.

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