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Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

I realized today that I’ve gone an entire week without updating you on what we’ve been up to lately in regards to the upstairs of our home. We do so much work updating and renovating this house along with the usual homeowner-related stuff like mowing, gardening, etc. that sometimes I forget to share the small, un-exciting projects.

So today I don’t have an overly exciting post for you, but I wanted to let you know that we ARE continuing to work on the upstairs! A week ago I showed you Henry’s future bedroom progress [here]. Today, I’ll show you the hallway, the master bedroom, and the bathroom! (you can see how the bedroom looked before [here] and the bathroom [here]).

Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

Today I did some of the tedious touch-up painting on our bedroom’s gray/black wall (FYI we used Valspar’s Mark Twain Gray Brick). All of the walls in our home are plaster, which is great when you’re patching holes because you don’t really have to sand the spackle down flat like you do with drywall. But when you’re painting, plaster is tough because there’s so much dang texture and it’s hard to get every single “hole” filled in with paint. And if you remember, that wall used to be lavender … so painting over it in a dark color was actually more tough than I thought it would be. BUT I touched it all up, and straightened the line at the ceiling and the one where it meets the other wall (ceiling is painted with Sherwin Williams Dover White, Walls are painted with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige). Look at those straight lines!!! Does that make anyone else happy? No? Just me? ;)Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

The ceiling is done being painted, so now I just need to do a little touch up on the walls…and I also need to paint the trim. Outlets and the vent cover need to be replaced too. But the carpet is clean just like in the other bedroom. Progress!!

Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

Please disregard all of the junk shoved into the closet – I moved it there just to get it out of the way for painting. The inside of the closet is actually still lavender so I need to paint in there too.

And here’s a picture of the hallway. I painted the ceiling today, but you can probably tell that I didn’t do any cutting in – I’ll need to go back and do that later. And the walls also need to be touched up.

Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

The hallway is a big mess. Obviously we’re working on the upstairs so all of our work-stuff tends to land here (along with some other miscellaneous stuff). The hardwoods in the hall are alllllmost all the way sanded, but we still have to go back and do the edges. You can see the current state of our stairs [here].

And now for the bathroom…

Painting the hallway ceiling went really fast, so I decided to just bite the bullet this afternoon and paint the ceiling in the bathroom. I’m not joking when I say I cringe every time I go in the bathroom (or, let’s be honest, every time I walk by it). After I painted the ceiling (still need to cut in, just like in the hallway), I had some paint leftover and just quickly went over the walls.

If you can remember how it looked before, the walls were light green. I’m actually thinking about shiplapping the walls but if we do that, I don’t want the green to show through the cracks in the shiplap. So I just went over the walls really roughly with the white. I opened up the window in the bathroom and the fresh air, coupled with the new fresh paint, is already making me feel better about the room!
Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blogUpstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

We got some cement tile samples from Cement Tile Shop so I’m testing those out to see which one I like best. I have some other options from other places, too, but don’t have samples of those yet. I can’t decide which direction I want to go!

Upstairs Update via Life on Shady Lane blog

Which one is your favorite?

Would anyone like to volunteer to come over and paint all of the trim upstairs? ;) I’m seriously procrastinating on that one because I!

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  • Reply
    April 20, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    That’s a tough decision on the flooring for bathroom
    I love them all!! I love everything you are doing upstairs.
    I know that all of that is time consuming – especially when doing the closets. I always waited last to paint that area. Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    • Reply
      April 20, 2017 at 9:55 pm

      Thanks so much Yvonne!! It’s sooo time consuming but I love how much paint can freshen up a room! Hopefully that closet and the trim will go quickly – I’m not looking forward to them! ;)

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