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February 2017

Sunday Instagram Roundup

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Sunday Instagram Roundup via Life on Shady Lane blog

This past weekend was a rough one. Henry had some kind of stomach bug and so we didn’t want to take him anywhere out of the house for fear of exposing him to more germs and because we didn’t want to get anyone else sick. So we stayed in the house for the whole darn weekend, with the exception of a few trips out (Brandon and I took turns running out to get food because I hadn’t grocery shopped in…

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Block Wall Foundation Repair

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Foundation repair via Life on Shady Lane blog

In case any of you ever were under the impression that life in a fixer upper is glamorous (I’m not sure who would think that, but just in case)…I’d like to share a few¬†“real life” photos with you today. There is a small storage room off of our garage, and when we moved into the house we noticed that one of the cinder block walls in that room was bowing out just a little bit. We figured that it would…

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