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February 2016

How to Repair a Stained Butcher Block Island

- Projects + Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I somehow managed to convince Brandon that we needed to go to IKEA. That was a win in and of itself…but the planets must have been perfectly aligned that day, because I also managed to convince him that we needed to take home the Stenstorp kitchen island. I’d had my eye on it for several weeks and knew it would be the perfect addition to our kitchen. We have a pretty small kitchen, and that means we…

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Our First Valentine’s Day

- Behind the Scenes, Etc.

Valentine’s Day is in a couple of days, and as it approaches I’m finding myself thinking about the day that Brandon asked me out on our first date. We met at work. Well, actually, when he first noticed me we worked for two different companies, but were both attending the same event. He didn’t introduce himself then, but then somehow I came to work at the same company. We chatted in the office for about a month and then, on Valentine’s Day (a…

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Dragon Fruit Sorbet

- Dessert, Food + Drink

A big thanks to Melissa’s Produce for sponsoring this post! When I was in college, I spent a semester abroad in Australia and while I was there, I tried a lot of new things – including skydiving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. There’s just something about being in a foreign country that brings out a sense of adventure in you. I also got to try a lot of new foods, one of which was dragon fruit. Our grocery stores here in…

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A Bathroom Progress Update

- Home

Our main floor bathroom is a work in progress right now. Partially because I can’t decide on the lighting I want, but mostly because we have a 3-month old baby who keeps us pretty busy. Before he was born, we were in a mad dash to get as much as possible done on our fixer-upper…but now that he’s here, renovations have slowed down substantially. Shortly after we moved in, we took down the sliding shower door. Then, we painted the room…

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