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Last week I shared our kitchen cabinet makeover…and I mentioned that we still had not painted our pantry because we weren’t sure which color to paint it. I asked for advice, and by far and away, the biggest suggestion was to paint the pantry WHITE.


We painted it green. 

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I couldn’t help it. The green was just calling my name and I decided to go with my gut and make the riskier choice. I never said I was a great listener.

Please avert your eyes from that refrigerator. We have not bought new appliances yet, but will someday!

The blue paint color above the cabinets is the only wall we haven’t painted on our main floor…and that’s because we are eventually going to raise those cabinets up to the ceiling. You can see the plans we have for our kitchen here.

And also…my tutorial for painting kitchen cabinets is here.

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