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October 2015

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors: Part 1

- Projects + Inspiration

Since purchasing our home, the biggest excitement for us has been pulling up the old, dirty carpet and discovering beautiful wood floors underneath. At first, we didn’t think we would need to refinish them, but upon further inspection, we noticed some imperfections…and then decided that we would like them to be stained a darker color. There are quite a few steps to this process, which means lots and lots of photos, so I decided to split this into two posts.…

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Veggie Pot Pie Muffins

- Food + Drink, Main Dish

The other night, I was finally feeling that our house (and the kitchen) was organized enough to actually cook something, so I went with our tried-and-true tofu stir fry. Then, the next night, I wanted to try something a little different…and I had some leftover veggies. So, the pot pie “muffin” was born. Disclaimer: I did not measure anything when making this so everything is just a guess. If you use this “recipe” just choose what works well for you! Ingredients:…

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1.5 Weeks Post Move-In: An Update

- Home
Our Living Room: 1.5 Weeks Post Move-In

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since we moved back to the Midwest, and about 1.5 weeks since we moved into our home. Let me just say that moving into a fixer-upper (and attempting to actually work on the house + empty boxes + organize everything) while 8.5 months pregnant is exhausting. I’m really trying hard to be patient and laid back about it all, but now that I’m 3 weeks away from my due date, that’s getting a little more difficult.…

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