Impulse Strawberry Pie

You know how when you go to Target, it is so easy to walk in, get only what you need, and leave? Yeah, me neither. 

The other day, I went for thank you cards and some veggie burgers, and walked out with those two things AND the ingredients to make a strawberry pie that I simply had to have. Maybe it’s the pregnancy, or maybe it’s just Target’s weird way of making you buy things you don’t need…but I was absolutely convinced that I needed to make a strawberry pie. So, the “impulse strawberry pie” was created.


I chose the easiest recipe I could find and made this masterpiece of a pie. I also did not measure the corn starch that I put in (just guessed) but clearly needed more – even after chilling, the pie came out runny. So we have been eating it with a spoon. But you know what? It is I’m kind of ashamed that this was my “recipe of the week” (last week, I committed to trying one new recipe a week)  just because it was so embarrassingly easy but it’s been a heck of a week and this was just about all I could muster up. #sorrynotsorry


Excuse me while I go cut myself a piece…

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  1. This looks so yummy! Love your blog Megan!


  2. This looks yummy! Love your blog Megan!


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