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The previous owners of our new (old) home lived in it for 40 years and raised five kids there. So, some wear and tear was to be expected. We chose to look past the paint colors and carpeting when looking at the home though (via FaceTime because we weren’t even in the same state!) because we loved the charm, layout, and location.

The previous owners commented that there might be wood flooring underneath some of the carpeted rooms. A tiny corner had been pulled back in the front room so we knew that there was wood in that room, at least, although we weren’t sure what the condition of it would be. The house is almost 100 years old, after all! We made a plan to paint the walls and then pull back the carpeting to see what we were really working with, expecting to need to completely replace or at least refinish the floors.

Well…let’s just say that we were pleasantly surprised.

The room was painted, and then the carpet was pulled back to reveal….absolutely beautiful wood flooring. Like I mentioned, the home is almost 100 years old. I have no way of knowing whether these floors are that old (I’m assuming not, but I am no expert) but holy cow…I am impressed that this beauty was hiding under carpeting for at least 40 years.

Brandon’s brother did all of the work (since we’re still living out of town) so I haven’t seen the floors in person yet, but I am pretty sure they won’t need much work at all.

EDIT: the floors were not in terrible shape, but we did decide to refinish them! Check out how we stripped/sanded them here.



This picture makes me want to recoil in fear. We had faith that a pretty floor was waiting underneath that scariness, though!


Another view of the room – sweet curtains, right?


A blue accent wall, courtesy of the previous owners.

Step one: the curtains were removed and the white/dinged up walls were painted with a warmer, neutral color.


See ya, blue wall. Paint is still drying so it appears just slightly lighter in color (you can see the dry color at the very top of the wall where it was cut in).

IMG_4835New paint (still drying), old carpeting…

After: TA-DA!! Carpet removed


These floors though. I can’t even believe people cover this stuff up!


Next hurdle: the original wood floors are a bit lower than the laminate flooring in the kitchen. We may replace the laminate with real wood at some point (budget-permitting), but for now…I think we are just going to put in a transition strip. Hopefully that will solve the problem for the time being.


And just because I couldn’t end on that note, here’s one more picture of the new paint + new old floors. Please pardon the piles of dust and staples – we’ll probably clean that up later. ;)

Do you hear angels singing too, or is that just me?


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