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I definitely notice a difference in my physical capabilities when it comes to working out these days, and am trying really hard to listen to my body but still make an effort to get in some type of workout on a regular basis.

The view from my walk this morning

The view from my walk this morning


I think it is crucial to continue moving throughout your pregnancy, not only for the health-aspect, but also because it just plain makes you feel better! And let’s be real, sometimes it can be difficult to feel great about yourself when your body is changing (growing) so rapidly.

I found the YouTube video below the other day, and went to bookmark it so I could do it again the next day, but figured I would share it here in case anyone else finds it useful as well! This is a good butt workout especially during the later months of pregnancy when you want to avoid high-impact workouts. Seriously, try to do each move for one minute each – I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the burn! ; )

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