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It is officially closing week! We close on our new house on Thursday, and I have been feverishly pinning images and researching projects for design inspiration. It took us about six months of searching (exhausting and maddening are two words that come to mind) but we finally found the house. Without even looking at it in person.

Yes, you read that right. We decided to make one of life’s biggest decisions based on photos on the internet and FaceTime video with our realtor and family members. We were living in Las Vegas, and the house is in Missouri, so it wasn’t exactly practical to fly back and see every single home we thought we liked online. Plus, houses were selling so quickly that we didn’t want to waste time and have it disappear out from under us.

And so the process began. Brandon had a house before we got married so he had been through the house-buying process once before, but it was all new to me. Let’s just say that buying a home takes some serious patience – negotiating, documents, a thousand signatures, and so.much.waiting. BUT, closing week is finally here and now I am just praying that everything goes smoothly.

We can’t wait to make this house our own. We’ll probably start with flooring and paint, but I think I am most excited to make some changes to the kitchen. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite images from around the web – maybe they’ll inspire you as well!


Love this cabinet color


That backsplash is so fun


I love everything about this kitchen


Open shelving


Wood countertops + brass fixtures


The bold color of these cabinets (and that wine fridge!)


Two-tone cabinets and that pink rug


The coziness of this kitchen

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