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- Behind the Scenes, Kansas City, Las Vegas

“It’s been a while” would be putting it lightly – I haven’t posted anything for about FIVE months. Here’s what has been happening lately, according to my iPhone’s Camera Roll:

IMG_3660 IMG_3664Visited the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Saw the Hoover Dam.


Ice Cream

Ate a lot of ice cream.

Top photo:  Glace in Kansas City – our favorite ice cream spot back home. Mine was coffee/lemon curd and sour cream/brown sugar. Brandon’s was chocolate/orange/chipotle and Boulevard 80 Acre. This place is REALLY good and has the most creative flavors!

*Bottom right: Coconut cream pie from Handels – if you’re in Las Vegas and craving some seriously good ice cream, try this place out!


Toured the Mob Museum. This is a really cool place worth checking out, but make sure you have a couple of hours to devote – there’s so much to see and read!


Celebrated my birthday in Kansas City.


Spent the 4th of July at a Las Vegas 51s game.


Made blueberry ricotta pancakes and blueberry baked french toast

IMG_3828IMG_3830IMG_3834Moved to Reno with only what we could fit in my small car (talk about an adventure!)


Flew back into Vegas (just for a layover) on a trip home to Kansas City

OH, and…


Found out that we’re expecting a baby in October!

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