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February 2015

Our Wedding Day

- Our Wedding

It dawned on me that I had not yet shared photos from our wedding on my blog. I posted our wedding video and photos from the honeymoon, but didn’t share any of our pictures! So, without further ado, here you go:  Follow Life on Shady Lane with Bloglovin’…

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Review: Hello Fresh (Simple Weeknight Dinners)

- Food + Drink, Main Dish

Sometimes when we get home from work at night, all we want to do is unwind on the couch with a glass of wine – going to the grocery store for fresh ingredients and then cooking an entire dinner just seems like so much work after a long day. That’s why I absolutely LOVED Hello Fresh when we tried it for the first time last week. I ordered our box online, and it arrived at our doorstep the following Wednesday (exactly when…

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Sarouk vs. Kilim

- Home

You know how when you see something you LOVE, you can’t stop thinking about it? As in, go-to-bed-thinking-about then dream-about and wake-up-thinking-about obsessively thinking about it? Well, that happened this weekend. I found the kilim rug of my dreams. Actually, about four of them. I have been obsessing over kilims for quite some time; Pinterest and home design blogs are going to be the death of my bank account. They can be extremely expensive, and plus: I haven’t been able to find…

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