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January 2015

Wine Country Honeymoon

- Northern California, Our Wedding, Travel

For our honeymoon, we wanted to do something a little different than spending a week at a warm-weather beach (although, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely would have loved it). Living in Las Vegas, we have warm weather for the majority of the year, and we were craving some fall-temps. Which is how we decided on a honeymoon in Northern California – Mendocino, to be exact. Warning, there are a lot of photos in the post – it was too…

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Easy DIY Nightstands

- Home

*Note: somehow the photos for this post were deleted from both my computer and blog – bear with me, I’m searching for them!! :(  When we moved to Las Vegas, we had a surprising amount of stuff. I emphasize the word “stuff” because it was just that – stuff B and I both had from our individual previous homes, but most of it wasn’t really OUR stuff. Since then, we have been having fun shopping for our home and picking out things…

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Our Wedding Video

- Our Wedding

We have officially been married for two months and three days, and I’ve been taking a little hiatus from this blog. After the wedding, we went to Mendocino, California for our honeymoon (I’ll post pictures later – it was absolutely beautiful) and then a few weeks later, drove to San Diego for a non-traditional Thanksgiving. We have been taking full advantage of the West Coasts’s warmer weather and convenient access to the ocean! I received our wedding video today and…

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