One of the greatest parts about living in a new city is having so many new places to explore. We have been doing quite a bit of that since we have moved here, and have many more adventures planned for the near future! Here’s what we have been doing lately:

Exploring The LINQ the other night.

1 - 8.22.14

Dinner at Yard House – the most vegetarian-friendly options at a non-veg restaurant. Perfect for both B & I.

9 - 8.22.14

The prettiest flowers growing right outside our door.

4 - 8.22.14 2 - 8.22.14

My baby succulent on our patio – I’m trying so hard to keep it alive, but I’m pretty sure it’s dying.

3 - 8.22.14

White wine from Rhythm Kitchen – such a fun little Creole/Cajun place (and the music is great, too!)

5 - 8.22.14

Wedding invitations were finally sent out yesterday!

6 - 8.22.14

So many new animals (and creatures) to see here! This coyote was just hanging out here the other day. We also saw a tarantula in a hole in the side of our building.

7 - 8.22.14

Checking out Fremont Street this past weekend. Container Park might be one of the coolest places I’ve seen here so far!


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  1. I love that you are keeping this diary of this adventure. Keep posting the pictures and sharing the memories so that you can always look back on them.
    FYI – you could be over
    watering the succulent. They like desert conditions you know!

  2. I’ll keep posting! : ) I’ve only been watering the succulent about once a week…we’ll see what happens!

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